GreenPirnt 3D Print Villa

3D printing building is built by architecture 3D printer. It has changed the traditional ways of construction to industrialized printing, which can fulfill the requirements of passive buildings.

A.    Heat insulation. The 3D printing external wall has an envelope structure. Together with the thermal insulation material, they can provide a good effect on heat isolation and avoid the thermal bridge effect and cold bridge effect.

B.     Environmental friendly. About the selected materials of 3D printing building, we totally tend to choose low carbon and environmental friendly materials. Meanwhile, we take the industrial way to do construction, which can shorten the building time and reduce large amount of construction wastes. 3D printing makes very few pollutions to surroundings.

C.     Improving the seismic resistance and increasing the using time. We choose inorganic materials as the main materials. It can greatly enhance the flame retardance. Since we using steel meshes to strengthen the structure and printing the whole floor slabs at the same time, the 3D printing building can achieve 8 degree of  anti-seismic requirement.

D.    Saving resources and with high recycle utilization rate. 3D printing can replace clay bricks. It reduces the usage of concrete, sand, stones and lime. So it can mitigate the damage to non-renewable resources.

E.     Shortening the construction time and increasing the efficient use of fund. The construction speed of 3D printing is 6 times faster than traditional ways. So 3D printing can accelerate the turnover of fund.

F.     Reducing the construction installation cost. Based on our client’s requirement, we can print the whole building in one time. It takes less time, uses less labor and reduces more than 30% of installation cost.

G.    Improving the construction quality. Architecture 3D printer can do all the construction steps intelligently. The construction quality is controlled by the printer directly. It can completely avoid human factor. The construction quality can reach or beyond design standard.