Architecture 3D printer for wall building

The world's first one-time solution to energy-saving, environmental protection, insulation, noise, aesthetics and other functions of the use of high-end construction equipment, completely replace the traditional masonry and plastering, a print forming wall, to print high-rise building facades, walls. Efficiency by 30%, construction costs by 50% or more.

Building wall 3D printer has 9 core patents, including 3 invention patents. Verified by the state authority of the new certification, building wall 3D printer for the international first set. The main structure adopts light weight, modularization and standardization technology, which is easy to install and use. The embedded CNC system is stable and reliable. The printing material adopts the exclusive formula developed by Grimm, except for general building materials, fly ash, crop stalks and industrial gypsum. Has also been applied to them, turning waste into treasure, the country and the people, and to achieve the wall of light energy saving and green. Printer feeding, mixing and feeding to achieve automatic feeding system, simple, safe and reliable.