Architecture 3D printer for low-rise building

Low-rise building 3D printer can independently complete the ground, wall, roof of the overall print. Can print span of 16m, length is not limited, the height of 20m below the single-family houses, townhouses and multi-storey apartments. 3D printing fundamentally banning the traditional brick, plastering process, saving construction materials 30% -60%, the construction site without dust, garbage and sewage to reduce more than 60%. 8 people 20 days to complete the low-rise building 300 square meters of printing construction, labor is only the traditional process of 1/4, the effect increased 6 times. April 2016 after the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Information certification, large-scale construction of 3D printers for the domestic initiative, the international advanced.

Architecture 3D printer for low-rise building has 17 core patents, including 5 patents for invention. It has a compact structure, which can do different configurations. The transmission system of it runs accurate and steady. The CNC technology is intelligent and mature. Its mixing system is simple and environmental friendly. For the printing extruder, it can discharge materials evenly. As to the “ink”, it can be shaping in a very short time. The materials of the “ink” are cheap and easy to obtain. The control software is stable and simple.